USA Dance (Madison) Chapter #2095

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USA Dance

USA Dance is a volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting and sharing the excitement and joy of social and competitive dance to communities across America.

USA Dance-Madison is a local chapter of this national organization.

Our club – like other service clubs (Rotary, Lions, Exchange, Kiwanis, etc) – receives governance and guidance from our National offices. Our national leaders, regional officials, and local officials donate their services.

USA Dance members are givers. As a member, you give in the form of sharing with others the joys and benefits of ballroom dancing. USA Dance is dedicated to the promotion of ballroom dancing and to providing a legacy to the youth of the country. While supporting DanceSport (competitive dancing), USA Dance also works to increase the availability of social dance opportunities through the efforts of community based Chapters.

In its educational role, USA Dance raises funds and expends much labor in support of youth programs in both colleges and schools – providing opportunities, guidance, support, and encouragement to younger ballroom dancers. A major virtue of ballroom dancing is that it promotes and supports good health. In its charitable role, USA Dance also raises funds to support good health by assisting health related charities such as as Heart & Lung Associations.

USA Dance supports the advancement of ballroom dancing as a competitive sport, as well as an art form and social activity. USA Dance sponsors local, regional and National DanceSport Championship competitions and selects elite dancing couples to represent the USA at World Championship competitions and other international championships. USA Dance is an affiliate member of the United States Olympic Committee and is recognized as the National Governing Body for DanceSport.

USA Dance is not just an excellent social ballroom dance organization. We are a broad-based national volunteer organization serving as a catalyst to establish a great variety of dance related programs and to encourage more people to become involved and to enjoy the many benefits of dancing – fun, fitness, and social interaction. You will make many great friends while dancing and also have the time of your life.

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USA Dance - Madison

The basic purpose of each USA Dance Chapter is to promote ballroom dancing in the local community and to educate the public regarding the physical, mental, and social benefits of ballroom dancing. Chapters welcome beginner dancers, helping them get started in ballroom dancing.

Chapters promote and sponsor amateur ballroom dancing for social dancers, competitors, and the general public. Chapters work toward the recognition of ballroom dancing as an art form, a lifetime recreational activity, and a world recognized sport. Chapters strive to bring the joy of ballroom dancing to as many people as possible including students in High Schools and Middle Schools. Talented dancers are encouraged to become DanceSport Athletes.

USA Dance-Madison is known to the national organization as Chapter ##2095 or WI-Madison (##2095). You may need this information for your membership, or you may encounter it in other documents.

Our Chapter, USA Dance-Madison, also contributes time, talent, labor, and financial resources to local charitable and service organizations.

USA Dance-Madison was officially sanctioned as a chapter of USA Dance in the Fall of 2010. The hard work and dedication of many people, as well as a strong membership enrollment at our first dance, contributed to the formation of our chapter.

Leadership Board for USA Dance-Madison